Launched in 2006, Flowers over Frederick was established to beautify the downtown Frederick community.  Two essential elements of the project are fundraising and project coordination. Community fundraising supports the cost of purchasing baskets, brackets, planting materials, watering of the Spring baskets plus the materials and hanging of the Holiday baskets. The project coordination aspects are handled by the current year Flowers Over Frederick committee.  We appreciate and enjoy the support of community volunteers with our holiday basket program.

The founding members of Flowers over Frederick identified the opportunity to add appeal to the sidewalks of the historic downtown area along Patrick, Market and East Streets.  The idea of hanging flower baskets took hold and the committee worked together to bring the idea to reality.  Twenty five baskets adorned the streets in 2006!

Founding Members of Flowers over Frederick

 Marcia Hall  Tasker's Chance Garden Club
 Nancy Mackintosh  Garden Club of Frederick
 Amy Clapp  Tasker's Chance Garden Club
 Marianne Koss  Green-walled Garden Club
 Mary Lou Musser  Tasker's Chance Garden Club
 Mary Steggert   Tasker's Chance Garden Club
 Kara Norman  Downtown Partnership & Garden Club of Frederick
 Trudy Legarde  NAC11 & Tasker's Chance Garden Club
 John Feisler  Tourism Council of Frederick County

We work closely with the Historic Preservation Commission and the city’s Department of Public Works to determine appropriate locations for the hanging baskets.

The hanging baskets for the 2021 Summer and Holiday Seasons decorate over 70 locations around the downtown area.  Flowers over Frederick also helps with the watering of flowers at City Hall and various other garden club sponsored gardens around town.

The Downtown Frederick Partnership provides administrative support for the project.  The Partnership works to enhance, promote and preserve the vitality and economic viability of Downtown Frederick.

The Community Foundation of Frederick County is the fiscal agent for the project and provides the vehicle by which the project can receive tax-deductible donations.  The Community Foundation of Frederick County has translated simple good intentions into powerful acts of philanthropy that build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Flowers over Frederick is pleased to have the support and partnership of the City of Frederick.  The Mayor, with the support of the Alderman, has invested in our program and provides financial support to our mission of beautifying downtown.

Thanksgiving Farm and
Poole Landscapingare two principle contractors key to our program’s success.  First, the baskets are planted and prepared for hanging by Thanksgiving Farm.  Guidance from the professional staff at Thanksgiving Farm has been invaluable in helping to assess the condition of the plants during the hot summer months, recommending plant maintenance changes and suggesting plant selections for next year. Second, the plants are watered early in the morning, 4 days per week, by the staff from Poole Landscaping.Adequate watering is essential to maintaining plant health, and the team at Poole Landscapinghas proven attentive and reliable.